Mother’s Day

I celebrate it now, differently than I used to.

While we live in a society that has varying definitions of what a family is and how it operates, I find it interesting to think about how we all still rally around Mother’s Day in a similar fashion. Street corners are filled with stands selling teddy bears and roses, ads are centered on selling that “perfect gift” for Mom, and warm sentiments are shared. Minds wander “home” to wherever Mom abides, whether it’s the childhood stomping grounds, across the seas, or in heaven.

Although I can’t call my Mom and let her know I’m thinking of her or send her one of the beautiful cards displayed in the stores, Mother’s Day is still a day to celebrate and remember the one who demonstrated grace, womanhood, and life. From gently reminding me, her tom-boy nine-year old stomping across the dining room floor, to “walk softly;” to teaching me how to cook food and “properly” set a table; to encouraging me to talk to Jesus about all my hopes, dreams, and questions because there’s no safer place to go with the biggest things on my heart; she cared, loved, and mothered intentionally.

The word “grace” has been running through my mind today. I remember the process of living, learning, and growing that Mom would let me in on in her life. It wasn’t just me, the child, her daughter, who had lots of areas to grow up in life. She, the grown-up, the mother, was learning and growing too. I remember lamenting the lack of growth in my life…how I would fall down over and over again. She would remind me that none of us are perfect. We’re all on a journey and we all have ways we need to grow. We need to encourage each other and extend grace to each other, she would say. I want to be more full of grace–God’s grace. I want to extend it more freely.

I’m thankful today for the grace Mom extended to me and demonstrated for me. I think it has helped me to understand better, the grace that God—the perfect father—extends to us, His children.

And on this Mother’s day, my mind wanders “home” to heaven and I feel rather homesick and eager for the day I can go there too, and join Mom and the throngs celebrating Jesus–the ultimate celebration of the One who makes living and dying worth doing!

I love you, Mom, and will forever be grateful for your impact on my life!



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. surrenderednfree says:

    This is beautiful Kristi. I smiled thinking of you stomping around. Your mother taught you well and you are a woman of grace and beauty both inside and out. I love you and miss your mom very much. I miss her even more now that I’m a mom.

  2. Karen Layman says:

    ……I smile too. Your little raggedy self….hair streaming everywhere and never with socks on no matter how cold it was. lol What a lovely women you have grown into….much like your Mom. Love you!

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